Monday, August 3, 2009

Missing Classes

The last month the kids & I have spent (Nearly) 5 days a week on horseback...with a rope on our saddle and cows purdy near by. We took the Summer Ranch Skills 5 week Short Course at FRC.
The weather has been hot... 110 degrees is the hottest I actually saw (only checked the temperature when we went home & the car thermometer told me the truth of our suffering.
We were sun burned, rope burned, and suffered saddle sores...that no one wanted to hear about.

But What FUN!
This is our first Monday after the class and were kind of sad. We met lots of fun horse lovers who along side us, clumsily roped their first cows...(mine was laying down) gave injections... and executed fine combo-turns. Now back to real life... getting ready for my show in San Francisco... where I hope to sell lots of purses... so Twister can get a chiropractic adjustment. She worked hard too.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

That sounds like serious fun! I can almost feel the sweat and grit. Good luck on your upcoming show!