Friday, January 29, 2010


Before Etsy I made stuff. I sold it at local shows, in a couple of shops and even at a local Bed & Breakfast. I made lots of stuff... I made dolls and bears, Christmas ornaments, yard signs.... tons of stuff.
As I got older, and my house filled, I lost my appetite for stuff...and took a break from making it. I had even mostly cleared it from my house. Stuff is clutter...who needs the added chaos?

I have decided everything doesn't have to have a utilitarian purpose. I did indeed intend to make only useful things...that would be used up and worn out. But after I finish one of my little plush creatures and I feel a warmth spread through my whole being...I know it has a purpose.

Pictured here is my new Turtle love. He is made out of several colors of repurposed wool, from a pattern in my 60s Womans Day book of plush animals. I have made alterations...that I think actually made it easier to put together....and piping around the edge of his shell.

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andsewon said...

I love this turtle!!
Need to find this book. Or just give it a go one day!!