Monday, May 25, 2009

Horsie Chores

I have been feeding horses where I board my horse to help defray the costs of the joys of horsing 'round. One of my favorite things about this is Sunday mornings... where no-one is there... Just quiet and horses.... and me! And they're always happy to see anyone driving the feed truck!

I have to climb up to the top of the hay barn to throw down bales (I am getting a pretty impressive pair of "guns") And the view from there is so relaxing! Just horses waiting in their lots... enjoying the first rays of sunshine.

Another perk of the day is going out to the pastures to check out the yearling lot and the momma's and foals lot. These little guys are are so happy and curious... and the moms are happy for a bit of attention.

This little guy... all wrapped up in his security blanket!
FRC is the school where all this happens. The Equine Studies Program and their breeding program turns out some really great horses... and riders too!

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