Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tomorrow... Guilt Free Friday!

Today... well, GUILT.
There's laundry waiting in all stages... waiting to be collected, sorted, washed, brought in from the dryer, waiting to be sorted in my living room and some on my bed... well alot actually.... I only need about 19" for my legs... if I sleep straight. The sink is clean... but there's dishes waiting in the dishwasher. There's a pile of clothes for the consignment store. A pile of metal cookie cutters...a yard sale score, but they didn't fit in my in my jar with the rest, so they wait for me to put them away.
My horse, Twister has been so happy to see me on my breif visits the last few days. I have been watching Clinton Anderson "Riding with Confidence" videos while sewing, so I have so much to do with her... but so little time! I keep promising her a long ride tomorrow...
But today there's laundry, dishes, dinner, my promise to sub at Buncko, Science Fair projects...(Imagine ...Glowing Pickles), dinner, Geoffreys Natural Resources Class Plant sale (excited about some Marigolds), mailing some packages, and continuing to MAKE for the Maker Fair coming up in just a few days!
So today I will get through all this STUFF... and tomorrow ... No Guilt. I am riding my horse in the morning.. right after my coffee... but before sewing or starting anything else. I will not start another load of laundry... until I get what I have put away. And I will remember to ask Lauren to empty the dishwasher....and help me find a new place for all these cookie cutters... What was I thinking?

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Kathy said...

I know exactly what you are talking about (excpet that its not creative endeavors occupying my time) There are soo many things to get done and it is soooo hard to keep all the areas balanced. There will be time though AFTER you finish making. Delegate delegate! I wish I were closer to help :)