Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ohhh Spring...

It's Spring. I have had a hard time getting into it... but as the oaks begin today to bud out and turn the landscape a fresher shade of green, I have decided that it is time... Yay spring.
Along with Spring is the is the happy anticipation of doing a show with my sister...Jodie of We will be showing together in San Mateo at the Maker Fair.. Pretty exciting... But it makes me sooo nervous my palms sweat whenever I think about it. I have never done a show in spring... AND my "shows" have all been here at home... in a small town.
How will I do? This is kinda "big time" for me. The other vendors are artists I have seen on Flickr and Etsy and seem like celebrities to me.
So I sew..

I am working with some bright fabrics to step it up for spring.
Loving yo yos... rick rack and polka dots wherever I can find them!


Kathy Eller said...

You will do wonderful! You are soooo big time! It does sound like alot of work though.

How fun to do a show with Jodie! Makes we want a sister, and some talent! Take lots of pictures!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

You'll be fantastic! You'll kick purse-booty! How exciting. Best of luck to you and your sister.

PineBlossoms said...

lol "Purse Booty"