Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pimped out

I think my husband is generally pretty proud of the work I do. I think he likes the attention I get form the locals here...and praise from customers. Mostly I think he just humors me.
A couple of times however, he has mentioned that I should do this or that...usually stuff I don't do. Like manly tool bags...and other things that just aren't done of pretty wools with appliqued birds.
Most recently he told me that Bryan wants me to make a cover for his iTouch. These are the kind of requests I don't take seriously, I just ignore them and hope they go away. This one didn't. Every weekend when Wayne came home from work I heard... "Have you done it?" "Have you worked on it?" and... "Bryan is waiting!"


So I took some time today...figuring a suit & tie theme would have to be manly enough for Bryan's itouch cover. Honestly, I am happy with it! It has a wool suit body, lined in a funky 70s tie fabric with a leather wrapped button (also off a suit) as a closure.

I think I'll even make a couple more of 'em and see how they do on Etsy.


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It turned out fantastically! I bet it would do well on Etsy. Good luck.

Kathy said...


Felt Sew Good said...

I love it! Very nice. I also think they would do very well on Etsy!

andsewon said...

I think it would do well.
I like it a lot.