Friday, January 2, 2009

New YEAR... New Plan

Well, I am not one much for New Years Resolutions. I don't really even get WHY it is a holiday... AND how is it different from a new day, hour or minute?.... each of which, if given the proper amount of attention could be JUST as life changing.
I officially finished my AA degree in Liberal Studies in December. It feels pretty anti-climatic, but since I don't plan to drive 2 hrs away to the nearest 4 yr University this is it for me, for now. A new year is a good time to plan and set things on track.
I have my kiddos in school a 20 minute drive from home, with no bus service I must be available to take them & pick them up from school.... This has created quite a dilemma in my finding gainful employment, so I still don't have a 40 hr work-week in my near future. (maybe after Geoff gets his drivers license), but for now, I do what I can.... and I can sew!
My Plan for 2009:
I plan to continue making my PineBlossoms Bags, Accessories & More for just 1 year more. I plan to hit every show that I can from Camarillo to Sacramento to Reno and of course here at home, where everyone has been so good to me... and so supportive!
To make these shows worthwhile, I have alot of work to do! I will be very busy... my house will be a mess, and I will probably develop some allergy to wool.... but I need to see what I can do with this.
After my year, I get to see where I am and make a decision as to where to go from there.

Whoa! it's 2009! In February, My bag is featured in a magazine called Altered Couture... if you find yourself at Barnes & Noble... get a latte & take a peek. I'm kinda excited.


Sara said...

Hey, I like your bags and stuff! Great job on them!

Kathy Eller said...

WOW! you're feautured? WOW!!!